Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Super-Fun Spring

I've never been on an actual book tour before. I figure if I ever get to the point where my publisher mandates that I go on a tour in my contract, I'll know I've made it!

But you can still pretend you're a big star and plan your own book tour. Even better if you plan your tour with friends! In March, I announced I was going on tour with two fellow Simon & Schuster authors.

As the flyer above shows, our tour began in March in Kentucky. My fellow Girls Read Tour authors Debbie Dadey and Gail Nall introduced me to an incredible bookstore in Fort Thomas, Kentucky called Blue Marble Books. Our visit even made Publisher's Weekly!

From there, we moved onto Louisville and Elizabethtown, finishing our Kentucky visits at the Lexington Public Library. They threw a mermaid party in celebration of Debbie's Mermaid Tales series!

In May, we brought our tour to Tennessee, starting with Books-A-Million in Knoxville. Tate's School was determined to win the free school visit Debbie promised to the school with the most students. (Spoiler alert: they won!)

On Saturday, we moved on to Parnassus Books and Barnes & Noble. Both places still have signed copies of our books on hand.

On Sunday, we headed to Chattanooga. If you're ever in the Chattanooga area and you're an author, you have to do an event at the Barnes & Noble there. As I've mentioned before on this blog, Kelly Flemings is the best!!! They even have their own drink in their Starbucks called a "Bookaccino." It tastes like birthday cake and fairy tales:

A portion of sales all weekend went to a charity called Homebound: Bringing Reading Back Home, which puts books in the hands of kids who wouldn't otherwise have them. Kelsey Butler, who founded the charity while she was still in college, came out to support our event:

Kelsey Butler, Kelly Flemings, Debbie Dadey, Gail Nall, and me.

After such a busy spring, I'm looking forward to a little rest this summer!

How was your spring?